World’s Integrated NEV Service Provider
Recorded by the Ministry of Commerce, PRC,
as one among 5 second-hand vehicle business runners, was founded by GEELY Holding Group, a global top 500 company,
Chongqing All Happy Families International Trade Co. LTD. , The Headquarter is located in Chongqing, China.
Business focuses on NEV used car and parts export.
SMILEV Export System
SMILEV Export System
Full chain of service supply
Given the rich supply across multiple brands, can easily fulfill demands quantitively, even under similar conditions, within same models, or other critical quality requirements.
With full support from GEELY group, can provide high quality used NEV cars to customers throughout the world, a full chain of services covering inspection, certification, parts supply, sales, financial services, after services etc. are available through GEELY strategic service centers world widely.
Professional Team with 10 years’ export service experiences
Services extended to over 20 countries across EU, Middle Asia, Middle East, South-East Asia, and Africa.
SMILEV will fully utilize its trustful service system and brand management knowhows to deliver more and more “SMILEV Certified Happy Vehicle” to the world.
SMILEV Brand Missions
To build a highly efficient, high quality, highly reliable international car business trade platform, and continuously contributing values to all of our customers.
SMILEV Brand Vision
World’s leading Vehicle Business Platform
In favor of the global environment when NEVs“Mind-in-China”are highly recognized in the world, NEV opportunities are in our hands after years of hard working. A bright future for NEV used cars is forseeable. To be the World’s leading Vehicle Business Platform, is our brand vision, as well as a happy expectation from the whole NEV industry in China.
SMILEV Core Brand Values
SMILEV Core Brand Values
in exploring business opportunities.
to connect the world
to strive for brighter future
strengthening partnership
Step on the global platform, link to the entire world.
Happy work place
Located in CBD of the city, surrounded by talents nearby, modern, open and comfortable work place……will of course make everyone here happy.
Growth and Development
We are eyeing on the growth and development of each and every new staff, preparing a series of tailor made program based on actual job requirements of each position in all departments, especially paying attention to staff capability growth in terms of navigating, problem solving, and prevention of critical issues in advanced.
All kinds of holiday events, birthday gifts, etc.
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Contact us
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